incompatible object-level snapshots

Hi, in Vertica 6.1.2 docs ( I read: NOTE: Using different backup locations in which to create full- or object-level snapshots results in incompatible object-level snapshots. Attempting to restore an object-level snapshot after restoring a full database snapshot will fail. This is not so clear to me. Why does this scenario not work? thanks, Pietro.


  • This might be an implementation shortcoming, I am not sure, but it says you should not mix backup locations if intending to take both full backups and object level backups. In other words, don't use backup server 1 for full backup and backup 2server for object level backups. Use either 1 backup server for both types of backups , or just stick with either full or object level backup. Quite a number of options available. Personally, I prefer to use full database backups,

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