Instructions on Upgrading from V6.1.0 to V6.1.2

Could I please get step by step instructions on upgrading from V6.1.0 to V6.1.2? The installation guide didn't list out this path and I would like to be extra cautious as backup isn't an option for me unfortunately since I have too much data and not enough space. Thanks!


  • Joanne, a 6.1.x upgrade to 6.1.y is a bug fix upgrade and it should be minimal in terms of risk. The regular steps apply : (1) shutdown (2) as root run the rpm / dpkg command (3) as root run (4) start the database. Good luck! Backups are a piece of mind item, I never had to resort on using a restore after an upgrade, even if that involved calling vertica support on the phone :-)

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