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Hi, I got the below error/notice when I checked the design after I run the database designer for a query specific. \echo NOTICE: The above create projection statement could error out if design created and implemented in the same cluster What does it mean? It really didn't help me to improve my query performance. The query is simple. It involves two tables join with 3 join conditions. One of the table is having about ~ 201626181 records. Thanks in advance !!!


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    These are just informative messages to indicate that these statements are unnecessary if deployment were to happen in the same cluster. The database designer (dbd) takes a holisitic view while generating a design and retains pre-existing projections that would provide good query performance, for the sake of efficiency. If you were to design for a database in a staging cluster, but deploy the design in a production cluster, then you would require the definitions of the pre-existing projections. However if you were to deploy the design (using the deploy script) in the same cluster, then these "create projection" statements would rollback and no harm done. So in this case it is not creating a new projection for your query. So I would not expect it to have a better performance since a new projection was not implemented.

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