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I manually started WLA, from VSQL, it gave me the expected output (I think) after a few moment. What is strange is that the MC is reporting for this run not less than 9 Alert messages, all saying that" Analyze workload as failed on database, reason is "could not connect to db", and at the same time 4 other messages saying "Agent Status is Down on IP X.X.X.X", for each of my 4 nodes!!! Apart from that, my database looks perfectly up and running, normally executing queries. What does this really mean, is there something that needs to be fixed, if yes, what precisely should I do. More info: in MC, I can look at node details, which show that the agent status is up for 3 nodes, but down for one of them. Thanks


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    Hi Luc, The MC gets info from the nodes with other script, maybe that script is not running. You can see the status, start or stop the script like this : etc/init.d/vertica_agent status Hope this helps, Eugenia
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    I did a /etc/init.d/vertica_agent restart on all nodes. But bizarrely, in MC, I just got a message saying "status agent down", never up. And messages related to WLA look also strange, I see no message at all for the successfull run of WLA I run this morning, mostly failure message, as I said earlier. Are we sure the MC reliably gets and displays all messages from nodes ?

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