Installation on Mount Point (Logical volumes partitions)

Hi, I am working at CA with IM Product and I would like to know if is there a possible to install the Vertica on Mount Point (Logical volumes partitions) external drive? Thank you, Carlos A. Radice CA Technologies Sr Support Engineer Tel: +55 11 5503 6100


  • Yes, as long as the logical volume mounts are the same on all the nodes and they deliver the required throughput for data warehouse. In fact, SAN and NAS all both viable options for Vertica as well. I am assuming you are referring to the location the data files for the database will reside, rather than the vertica software itself.
  • It's true that Vertica can store information just about anywhere, so long as it is mounted somewhere to the Linux filesystem. You can look up "Storage Locations" in the documentation for details on how to configure and control this. However, be warned that LVM partitions (as well as SAN and NAS configurations) are not supported and may fail in both simple and byzantine ways. (I say this because we do have customers who use all of the above, and a number of them have had serious performance and/or data-corruption issues, depending on the exact technology and configuration.) We test and support ext3 and ext4 on local disk that passes vioperf's performance tests. We will run on most configurations; the primitive operations that Vertica uses aren't too fancy. But we stress the I/O subsystem quite a bit, and in ways that even other database systems don't necessarily. This tends to dig up new bugs in each of the various layers of your I/O subsystem. (The more complicated your setup is, the more layers there are that might have bugs :-) ) So if you go with another sort of setup and you experience performance issues, data loss, or data corruption, *even if you think you're using the system cleanly* (Vertica exited cleanly, FS unmounted cleanly, etc -- we have seen, rarely, filesystem bugs even in this case), you're on your own.

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