Vertica CE in production and test enviroment

Is it possible according to license agreement to deploy HP Vertica community server in production enviroment and second server in test enviroment?


  • Hi! From discussion in previous forum I understand that you can use in CE as production server for internal usage by your company only. You can deploy applications (or provide SAAS/PAAS/IAAS based on Vertica CE) for using externally(outside of your company)
  • Hi all, Thanks Daniel for the answer. That sounds correct to me, but I'm not authorized to give legal answers here; the right answer is "the CE is distributed under a license; read the license, it'll tell you" :-) If you were to use the CE in production, though, Vertica will NOT provide technical support. (In fact, Vertica doesn't provide technical support for the CE for any use. "If it breaks, you can keep the pieces.") Nor will we provide training, tuning assistance, etc. Adam

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