ERROR 3408: File size on disk does not match catalolg

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Historical=> SELECT * FROM quote; ERROR 3408: File size on disk does not match catalog for /var/vertica_data/chi2vertica01/Data/Historical/v_historical_node0001_data/987/45035996274330987/45035996274330987_0.fdb


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    Looks like a data corruption issue detected by a vertica check. If you can, drop the table. May need to run file validation on the entire database and troubleshoot why and how the file corruption occurred ? Unsupported block device, file system, OS ? Check /opt/vertica/bin/vertica --help -v perform thorough database and file validation -V perform thorough data validation, then stop These might help, but if this is a serious production system, may wan to get Vertica support involved to avoid loss of data.
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    Thank you, Colin. We are using NFS for the data location and CentOS 6.3. I was trying to run the file validation, but it was saying "Unable to load Catalog". I just dropped the table since it is not in production yet, and trying to re-generate the same issue. We now have multiple writers (5) inserting bunch of garbage data for test. I've stopped and run them multiple times, and it happened. Thank you again. BK
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    NFS may be your problem. If you can, use local file system.
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    It looks like the NFS is the problem as you said. Thank you very much, Colin.

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