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Using Vertica Management Console API/Programmatic way to install cluster/DB/Configuration

What we need from Vertica Management Console 1) Adding Node from VMC after customer upgrades to Enterprise edition 2) Confgurng LDAP configuration Programmatic/VMC API 3) Install vertica cluster by vmc APi/programtically 4) installing DB instance vmc APi/programtically


  • Hi! Im not HP employee, but anyway I will write my thinks: 1. I think it's irrelevant from now: Community Edition now includes all of the features included in the Enterprise Edition. So VMC should support it by default. 3) and 4) Do you mean: install Vertica via MC? I don't think it will be realized. Vertica requires a root password while MC designed to run remotely. It's a big hole in security (or Vertica will change it installation method). Will you provide a root password to user? In big companies its a problem that dbadmin require sudo privileges, now you need somehow to store a root password on VMC host or provide access to final user. Or I didn't understand something in your needs?
  • WE can Install Vertica using MC. What i was requesting was : To Add new Node to existing Cluster, do we have that option in MC. I didnot find it in MC

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