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admintools is unable to authenticate with dbadmin password

I was removing a node from Vertica using admintools => Advanced tools menu => Remove hosts. The Ganglia node (which has been configured with the cluster) became unresponsive and the delete node procedure "hung" after it had cleared the data from the node. I eventually killed the process. Now when I go back to the admintools ... Remove hosts, it still shows that node, but when I select to remove it, it asks for the password and when I type the dbadmin password it says : Error: Unable to connect to the database. Hint : Username or password could be invalid. However, I can connect using vsql using the same password and it works fine. I am not sure why this is happening and if admintools maintains a different password in some config file which got messed up during the remove node process hang. For now, I am able to use the shutdown and startup cluster despite the wrong password, but anything else that needs a password like add / delete nodes is failing. We are using Vertica 5.0.4. Any help will be most appreciated.


  • Hi! AdminTools connects to db via SSH. Check your SSH connection.
  • Hi Daniel, The SSH connection is working fine. -Santosh
  • Hi! Can you also to say and problem resolved? If no:
    • Check logs for adminTools. Default location/opt/vertica/log
    • Check adminTools configuration: Default location/opt/vertica/config/admintools.conf
    No more ideas so far. :(
  • ok, the problem is now fixed. There is a section in the admintools.conf file which points to the database node it will connect to when doing operations like Add / Remove nodes. I found this just by trial and error; haven't found anything in the documentation which would corroborate my findings. By changing the host ip in the section to a node which is still up and running fixed the "Unable to connect to the database" error. Here is the section of admintools.conf which was modified : [Database:mydb] host = restartpolicy = ksafe Thanks !

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