5.1 upgrade and missing 6.0 RPM packages

Dear All, I am currently facing the problem of upgrading a 5.1 single-node cluster to version 6.1.2. The recommended upgrade path is 5.1 -> 6.0 -> 6.1. Unfortunately I can't find the 6.0 RPM package, anybody knows how to retrieve it? Thanks Alessio


  • Hi! "Vertica Analytic Database v6.1.2-0", where: 6 - main release number 1 - major fix/service pack number (that can be not compatible with other major fixes) 2 - minor fix (full compatibility) When you see 6.0 - its means all versions from type 6.0.Y-Z. Do you see in downloads version 6.0.X ?
  • Hi Daniel, yes what you say it's clear, the problem is that from the Vertica website you are only able to download the RPM related to the latest release. To follow the upgrade path I would need a 6.0.x package and it doesn't seem to be directly available. Or, at least, I can't find it. Alessio
  • Sorry I don't have the same view as you: imageimage The Community Edition downloads only conducts to version 6.1.2
  • Ok, I have just got feedback from the support, it was my account type that didn't allow me to view the full menu.

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