backup and restore compatibility on different networks

Hi, I have a cluster, cluster A, and every day I make a snapshot with vbr.py in cluster A. Once a week I copy the backupDir into a separate storage. I'd like to know if the following scenario could work. One day Cluster A dies, disk corruption, explosion or other disasters.. I only have the files in the separate storage updated to the last snapshot. I build a new cluster with new IPs but same topology, can I use the data from backupDir to launch a restore task and rebuild the database on this new cluster? Is the data from the snapshot portable in this sense? Is there an easier way to perform this task? thanks, Pietro


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    Prasanta_PalPrasanta_Pal - Select Field - Employee
    To restore in new cluster with new IP may cause some issue as it will conflict the old IPs which are stored in the the backup. The backup should not be taken using hardlink. You may run the vbr.py in the new cluster specifying backupDir, but you may have to change the catalog ( using catalog editor) to reflect the new IPs and also the .conf file. This may be a workaround. The backup is designed to restore on the same cluster.

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