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Aggregate function in vertica .

Can any one use the aggregate function in vertica query if not , how should we handle the aggregate function in vertica query . Please answer . Regards, Dharmasis


  • Hi! >> Can any one use the aggregate function in vertica query if not No, Vertica doesn't have aggregate function >> how should we handle the aggregate function in vertica query I can only say what we do to solve it. We pray and dance around a fire. After it I load data to other database (like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle,...) and do aggregation. One more time - prays and dance. And finally result of query I load back to Vertica. PS If you need some help with prays and dance - feel free to ask.
  • Ooh, dancing around fires! Praying over complex inter-database processes has never worked well for me, though; something always goes wrong anyway... Could you give an example of a query that works in MySQL (and not in Vertica), and what you're expecting the query to do? Vertica certainly supports aggregation in general; recent versions of Vertica also have an SDK API for defining new aggregation operators.
  • Hi Adam, Great. Can you please post the new aggregation operators which have defined in SDK API in vertical. It will helpful for us . Regards, Dharmasis
  • Hi Dharmassis, The Vertica SDK documentation is here: Look for the "AggregateFunction" and "AggregateFunctionFactory" classes. Note that this is our C++ SDK. It's NOT a SQL interface; it's a way for software developers to develop extensions to Vertica SQL. Vertica does have a lot of aggregation functionality already; it's very rare that people need to use this API. If you could give me more detail about what you're trying to do (an example query, a link to the documentation for one of the other databases that you listed, etc), I might be able to tell you how to do the same thing in Vertica without writing a new aggregate function. (If you are a developer and not just a SQL user, incidentally, I'd encourage you to periodically take a look at the SDK documentation to look for changes, particularly new additions. The Vertica 6.1 SDK is vastly more comprehensive than it was in, say, Vertica 5.1 a year or two ago.) Adam

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