Migrating Veritca cluster in AWS from one region to another

Hello all, I am trying to migrate existing Vertica cluster in AWS to a different region in AWS. I was thinking of following approach- Create image of each instances, move images to new region and launch instances from these images. I guess, since IPs of hosts will be different, some configuration changes would have to be made. Is there any better way to accomplish this? Thanks, Rupendra


  • I would personally avoid that solution you are mentioning.

    When it comes to migrations, my favorite course of actions is the following:
    - Create new cluster on new region.
    - Stop loading data to the first region.
    - Do a copycluster from the first region to the new one:
    At this point, you will have the new cluster containing all your settings and data.
    - Kill old cluster.

    Obviously you still have to switch a bunch of stuff like any kind of system settings and all, but this approach should offer you more benefits in terms of flexibility and reliability.

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