backup database A, restore database B

Hi, I want to ask you if the following scenario could work. I have a cluster of 3 nodes, I create database ONE and make a snapshot. Then I create database TWO on the same cluster, is it possible to make a restore into database TWO from the snapshot of database ONE? As far as I know the answer is no because restore operation requires same DB name (at least an empty db) as the snapshot source. In this case, is there a way to perform this operation? thanks, Pietro


  • Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hi Pietro, In your case, both the database reside on the same node. So it is not possible to restore the snapshot into a database with different name and you cannot keep the same name on the same cluster. I would suggest, if the database size is small, then export all objects from Database A and deploy those objects in Database B. Remember - at a time only one database can be up. After deploying the objects, export the data from Database A on a table level basis and then load those table into Database B. I know, this is a length process, but in case you don't find a solution , you can use this as a workaround. Hope this helps
  • Hi Navin, Thank you for the reply. How could I export data from A to B? Do you mean by creating files ? thanks, P.
  • Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Yes, by creating flat files and loading them once all the exporting is done.
  • fine, very clear! thanks
  • >> So it is not possible to restore the snapshot into a database with
    different name and you cannot keep the same name on the same cluster.
    I'm not agree.
    With catalog editor it's possible to change a dbname:
    > set singleton Database name 'new name'
    In this case all directories will have an 'old name', while a dbname is changed.

    For example I changed name from "test" to "sandbox":
    How it's look now
    $ vsql -l
      List of databases
      name   | user_name 
     sandbox | daniel
    (1 row)

    daniel@synapse:/vertica/test/v_test_node0001_catalog$ admintools -t show_active_db
    Changes in configurations:
    $ tail /opt/vertica/config/admintools.conf
    v_sandbox_node0001 =,/vertica,/vertica
    v_test_node0001 =,/vertica,/vertica

    host =
    restartpolicy = ksafe
    port = 5433
    path = /vertica/test/v_test_node0001_catalog
    nodes = v_test_node0001
    It's complicated, dangerous and you can destroy all database(also I don't know all aftermaths), that is why Im not explaining how to do it. But Pietro already knows how to use in catalog editor...

  • Thanks for your reply Daniel..
    In this case, I'd like to ask you if I could also change the data and catalog directory of each installation so that they don't cause troubles by being the same.
  • Hi!

    Finally I found "an easiest way", but it require that database B will be down when restoring - its the only limitation.

    I don't  write any explanation, tutorial, HOWTO, e.t.c, try to understand from video, since my environment isn't same as yours. A lot of times happened that something work to me and for others do not (and reason - environment). In video just wanna show that it's works and nothing else(it's not a tutorial).

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