snapshot file size

recently I've started using the backup/restore utility by scheduling a daily snapshot with restorePointLimit = 2.
Current database size is about 180 GB (computed by using "du -sh" on data directory)
After going beyond the max number of snapshot stored ( 2 old , 1 actual) I constantly have 3 snapshots.

In the original backupDir
If I use "du -sh" on backupDir I find 280GB ( I guess 180 for full backup and 50GB each for incremental backups). If I get into a snapshot directory and use "du -sh" I see 180GB (I don't get this)

In another directory
I've copied those snapshots into another directory but there I see a total size of 434 GB. (why?)

As a consequence of this question, could someone tell me of to compute the exact size of each snapshot?


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    I found this post: https://community.vertica.com/vertica/topics/full_and_incremental_backups_issue_using_vbr_py_on_vertica_6_1_2

    and by following it I used the command "du -sh *"
    which returns the following output:

    In the original backupDir:
    180G    full_vertica
    50G    full_vertica_archive20130925_211505
    50G    full_vertica_archive20130926_211504

    In another directory
    178G    full_vertica
    178G    full_vertica_archive20130925_211505
    179G    full_vertica_archive20130926_211504

    and I still don't get why I find these dimensions on the destination directory.

    Could it be because each snapshot has pointers to "old data" in addition to incremental data and when I copy each snapshot I am copying also the "old data" through those pointers?

    In this case, If I want to store a snapshot in another directory, do I have to copy also the previous snapshots or only the one I am interested in?

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    by using "du -sh -l *" on the original backupDir I can force to follow simbolic links in the incremental backup, and I find:

    180G    full_vertica
    178G    full_vertica_archive20130925_211505
    179G    full_vertica_archive20130926_211504

    So now I understand that a copy of this directories, which recursively follows links, is 180GB x 3 instead of 180GB + 50GB x 2.

    I need to know only if I can just copy (recursively) the only snapshot I need to have a full and consistent snapshot.

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