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Hi, I have a cluster with three nodes, the set of resource pool is default. When I test the performance, I meet a problem:
Some of the queries fail to finished, for example: "create table... as select * ..." is not executed, and the error hints resource pool general is insufficient... However, the usage of whole system's RAM is less than 50%, while the maxmemorysize of general resource pool is 95%. WHY? 


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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hi weixshen,

    What is size of your select buffer data.
    How much is the RAM of your system. Is Vertica the only active major process on the system.

    Try seeing the resource_acquisitions table to understand the usage of RAM while your query is running.
    This will lead you to get the RAM usage at the time of execution by Vertica and not the whole system

    Hope this helps.

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