The management console Vertica does not show the graphs of the cluster activities

Even if the agents are running and the cluster is detected correnttamente, the graphs do not show anything related to the activities. The management console is installed on one of the hosts participating in the cluster. Can anyone help me understand what is wrong?


  • I thought it was a common problem ... but in 3 weeks no one has noticed my request for help
  • I also have the similar problem and have not been able to find any solutions
    on the "manage" page for instance only one of my nodes is reporting correctly (i.e mem use, storage usage, node state, CPU )
  • [feedback]
    Common behavior of this forum.
    Someone from employees gives usefulness comment: "some one will look... bla... bla.. bla..."  so question doesn't present in RSS(or whatever), just a usefulness comment. So even someone have solved your problem or similar problem doesn't see your question - just a comment that doesn't say nothing.
    Why?  May be kind of QA measurement of support - no open questions, all questions have an answer :) (joking)
  • I agree with you Daniel, even if Vertica is an amazing product. PS: I can not even solve the problem on Vertica 6.2.1
  • Hi Massimo!

    I will use your post as "platform" to add my feedback.

    Probably - a  bag, (that I posted before about 4 month):
    Easily can be reproduced. Same story - "someone will look" and... still looking.

    And a story doesn't ends here (or starts from me): (6 month) (5 month)

    I don't understand a Vertica Support.
    Vertica claims that TIMESERIES is a powerful feature of  Vertica, but I see a bag and will not recommend to use in TIMESERIES of Vertica.

  • Hey again Daniel, I guess you couldn't stay away? :-)

    Please file general concerns as Ideas, on the Ideas section of the site.  If you want to bring attention to an old thread, please post on it again -- then we get e-mail or RSS notifications, etc., and are reminded that you still care about the question.  It's possible that whoever would know the answer was on vacation or busy, etc., when you first asked.

    You're right that the reply thing is a little silly; we started moving away from that recently.  (There was a reason that made sense to someone at the time, I think...)

    As a reminder, this is NOT a Support forum.  (If you're looking for Vertica Support, go to with an Enterprise Edition account and open a support case; there you will get a timely response from us.)  Many of us, from all different parts of Vertica, spend some of our free time here because we care about you guys, our users.  But our first priority is to build a useful product :-)  So if you really want an answer, be patient and persistent, or go through Support.

  • Hi Massimo,

    The MC graphs are based on Vertica's Data Collector tables.  Do you have the Data Collector enabled?  (It's on by default; you can restrict the size of tables or turn them off altogether, but then of course we can't display the data in those tables.)

    Relevant docs:

    Also, make sure that you're using the correct version of the MC for your version of Vertica.  The 6.x.y MC is very sensitive to the 6.x.y Vertica version; they must match exactly.

  • Hi Adam!

    What you saying that if you are not an EE customer, so Vertica doesn't care about bags that you feel and report.
    Nice.  Thank you for clarification, now I got it.
    (Hello InfoBright , RedShift, PADB, VoltBD and others! Im coming.)

    Im integrator and distributor- Im not an EE customer, I can't open a ticket, so bag will be open.
  • Hi Daniel,

    Ah, you don't mean "bag", you mean "bug".

    ("bag" is a technical term; it comes from the Pig world, it means something similar to a resultset.)

    It wasn't clear that that was a bug from your initial post.

  • no, its a some trick of support for searches bot indexer that I saw in some forums
    but unlikely it doesn't work any more (soundex filter, levinshtain distance recognizes it)

    Yeap. My poor English.

  • You are right, SELECT SET_CONFIG_PARAMETER('EnableDataCollector', '1'); Soon resolved, 
    Thank you Adam, and I have to thank Daniel for having stirred the stagnant waters.. ; - )
  • Hi Daniel, I'd really like to follow up with you offline to further discuss your feedback on the community. Please email me at [email protected].
  • Hi!

    Thanks, but no. I already got my portion of... compliments.
    You can delete my account or ban me or whatever.


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