Cache lookup failed for operator 1703


We are monitoring Vertica's error tables to give us an insight on things (not to mention i've noticed we get an empty result set back when say a query times out or a query fails if it's too large to fit into memory - but that's another story for another day)

We have a query we run continuously through out the day, with say the timestamp being changed:

 SELECT client_id,order_quantity, gateway, gateway_time,order_quantity as nbr_to_compare
    FROM messages  WHERE trandate ='2013-10-28' AND gateway_time >= timestampadd('mi',-5,'2013-10-28 11:31:00')
    AND gateway_time <= timestampadd('mi',5,'2013-10-28 11:31:00')AND client_id ='SAM' AND msg_type='Order' AND order_quantity > 500.0

If there's data there,  we get data back. If not, no results...fine.

What is annoying is there is always an entry in Vertica with a message of "Cache lookup failed for operator 1703". It doesn't matter what id is used, or if I'm using ODBC or JDBC.

After much putzing around I noticed order_quantity is an integer in our table schema. if I change the above to "500" instead of "500.0", no error message is created.

My question is - what gives? We get data back, so cool.  But why this weird error message in the system tables for cache lookup failure. It's pretty misleading if all it is is an "error" on data type conversion -- which would be more helpful.

We're on Vertica 6.1.1

Is there something more ominous going on?



  • Hello all, Even i'm facing the same issue. Any idea why is it happening ?
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for reporting this.  This message was originally an "assert" of sorts -- "something strange might be going on; if an error occurs, here's what was happening."

    In your cases, though, the warning is spurious.  (If it were a real issue, for this particular condition, the query would not return results and would return a JDBC/ODBC error.  If you do see your queries erroring out and not returning results, that would be good to know.)

    Sorry about that; I guess we were a little too cautious :-)  Defensive coding and all that.  We'll look into silencing the message.  For now, it should be safe to ignore.

  • I am glad this post exists, because i was asking myself exactly the same questions. Thanks for clarifying Adam. I will ignore these entries in dc_errors.

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