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Two Vertica instances (production and testing) on same subnet?

Hello, Is it possible to setup two Vertica instances on same subnet? If yes, are there some gotchas and/or downsides? I'm asking this because from what I've read, Vertica nodes talk partly over the broadcast address and I don't want to run into conflicts of some sort between these two instances. Thanks! Ivan


  • Hi Ivan, 
    if you run the install_vertica script with the -T flag during installation, it will configure spread in point to point mode, which does not use broadcast. 
  • Production Vertica is already on this subnet and it is installed without the -T flag.

    Is there a way to put the testing instance on this subnet or should we use a separate one?

  • If only one of them is using broadcast, I think you should be OK to have the other using point-to-point.

    If you want to reconfigure an existing cluster to use point to point you can re-run install_vertica on the same node using the following format

    /opt/vertica/sbin/install_vertica -s host01,host02,host03 -r <rpm file> -T -S default

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