Are there any plans for vertica to support GIS objects (like WKB, WKT) ?

We are looking for GIS support, similar to that provided by POSTGIS for the Postgres database.
Are there any plans for vertica to support GIS or gis data types like polygon, linestring, point, etc?

Or are you aware of any packages that can be loaded into vertica that support this functionality?


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    Hello, I'm in the need to access Vertica from a geographical information system (GIS) like QGIS and POSTGIS. Vertica calculates measures related to geographical coordinates that need to be showed on the map.
    I'm trying to connect QGIS to Vertica via ODBC without success (can configure the connection but QGIS ends abnormally).

    Do you know how to do this with QGIS or could you advice me other GIS tool?


    Or in alternative:
    How to produce a shapefile from a Vertica table?


    Thanks in advance,

    Vivian Rossi.

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    Can you share more details about the ODBC error that you are getting with QGIS.


    Geometry can be exported by using ST_AsText function . For more details refer to https://my.vertica.com/docs/7.1.x/HTML/index.htm#Authoring/Place/Functions/ST_AsText.htm

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