What is ws_cachestats_receiver

Hello Vertica Team, I have a 6 node cluster and one on my nodes is running with a load average of over 10 with one process taking 100 percent of the CPU on one node. All other node are a load average between 1 and 1.2, here is the process: vertica 40943 1 92 Oct21 ? 9-00:01:35 /opt/dwa/bin/python /opt/dwa/bin/ws_cachestats_receiver --daemon -s barberry -p 7500 --lock /tmp/ws_cachestats_receiver.barberry.LOCK --log /opt/dwa/logs/ws_cachestats_receiver/[email protected] What is this, is it normal, what can I do with it?


  • Doesn't belong to Vertica. First word "vertica" its user, but not a process.
    Process itself is python that executes script /opt/dwa/bin/ws_cachestats_receiver.

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