Cluster failure after installing two new nodes

We had a cluster of three nodes. We tried to add a new node (node04, host Node was added wrongly, it's addition caused cluster shutdown. Our admins havd identified errors in node addition proccess, and they immediatly added another node (node05) at the same host Now we have a cluster of 5 nodes. All projections allocated to nodes 01-03, correct one. Node 04 is DOWN and could not be started, node 05 is UP. Both nodes are located on the same host We can not remove theese new nodes, we are afraid to start data rebalancing. All Select queries work, all insert queries to database fail. What is the fastest way to solve the problem? Now we are preparing new server, which would be used as a new host for node04 (replace node), but we are not shure, that this solutions is safe for data. PS. Cluster contains about 6TB or raw data.

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