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How do I know that we are using all the memory allocated to Vertica and it is time to allocate more?


  • Hi Abhishek, Well, it's not quite as straightforward as that: Some queries will use as much (or as little) RAM as you allocate for them. With more RAM they will run faster. The amount of memory per query is the resource pool size divided by the resource pool Planned Concurrency; the first thing you should do is to tune your resource pools to match your workload (ie., how many queries you're running at once -- don't plan to run too many queries at once, it's better to let them queue up and run with more resources). Once you've done that, there are several signs that you really need more memory. For example: - JOINs are spilling to disk (this may also indicate that you should run the Database Designer) - Queries are still queuing waiting for resources / the number of queued queries just keeps growing Adam
  • Thanks Adam !!!! Do we have any system table in vertica which captures all the information of a table like the time when was it created or modified etc.
  • Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hello Abhishek, select table_name, owner_name, create_time from tables; This will give you the create time of the table. If you are looking forward to get the modified time as well, try playing with the Transactions and Tables table together, I am sure you will find your answer doing some Joins and validating some keywords. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks Navin !!!! I tried with many system tables like Tables, Transaction Tuple Mover Operations but can't find anything. I am curious to know about the date/time and the user who modifies the table. Thanks in advance !!!

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