CreateRootPem Uitlity doesn't work on SLES 11- Urgent Request

6.1.2 VMC is Installed on SLES 11 x64 and using this Host we are trying to create Vertica Nodes on SLES 11 x64 hosts. For which we have created Private Key using "CreateRootPem".

But, the validation Test is failing for it from VMC . Can somone confirm if we can install Vertica from SLES VMC.

Note: I can directly install Vertica using RPM on SLES. But Not able to install using VMC.

We have customer using this feature next week. hence, the Priority


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    Hi Rajashekar,

    If you have an urgent request, you should file it immediately with Support.  These are the public forums; while there are some smart people here, there is no guarantee or expectation of an immediate response on all issues.

    That said:  By "VMC" do you mean "MC" (our Management Console)?  Have you tried installing onto a different platform?  (RHEL/CentOS, for example.)  I realize that you probably need SuSE.  But it would be a relatively quick (well, ok, "hopefully not too painful") test on your part, and would tell you whether the issue is with SLES support or with your configuration of the SSH key.

    Also, have you considered using 6.1.3, rather than 6.1.2?  6.1.3 had a bunch of major changes (we hope "improvements" :-) ) to the MC, including things that could potentially affect the installation process.  Though the 6.1.3 MC also requires Vertica 6.1.3.

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    -- VMC = Vertica Management Console
    -- For RHEL 6.x iit works.
    -- We cant move to 6.1.3. as of now we need to get it working from 6.1.2 MC.

    So, any known issues or workarounds on SLES  using VMC for vertica cluster creation/validation ?(apart from rpm direct install)

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