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Hello, I really need help.

We use vsql for the executing a query on Vertica cluster. The execution tome of the query is about 20 min. But very often vsql returns following error:

"vsql:upd_script.sql:158: server closed the connection unexpectedly
        This probably means the server terminated abnormally
        before or while processing the request.
I checked logs files on all nodes, there are only following information about the reason of error on the all nodes:

2013-11-28 04:20:04.570 Spread Client:0x2aaabd1effa0 [VMPI] <INFO> Hurry: processing for session sacvrt104.medeanaly-13018:0x562a10, call 404 of type 8


Thanks a lot


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    Hi Roman,

    Hm...  By any chance, do you have some sort of load balancer or fancy firewall between your vsql client and your Vertica cluster?

    At first glance, it looks to me like your TCP connection is being disconnected.  Maybe it's timing out on the long-running query?  TCP itself never times out, but some network hardware will abort long-running connections automatically.

    If this is the case, you can usually increase the timeout on the device.  Though you'll have to refer to your device's documentation for details.

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    we're facing the same issue as well. Version: Vertica Analytic Database v6.1.2-0

    2013-12-19 21:08:23.830 [info]   server closed the connection unexpectedly
    2013-12-19 21:08:23.830 [info]   This probably means the server terminated abnormally
    2013-12-19 21:08:23.830 [info]   before or while processing the request.
    2013-12-19 21:08:23.830 [info]   connection to server was lost

    We're uploading on a hourly base bulk data via COPY to Vertica. We're running more and more in the "connectivity" issue mentioned above. I don't think that's our data which causes this issue, because if we just rerun the copy process the upload to Vertica succeeds.

    Thanks in advance! 

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    Hi Nebojsa,

    Are you running behind a firewall or load-balancer of some sort?  Per my previous comment, that can cause this issue.

    Also, what COPY command are you using to load the data?

    There was an issue that sounds something like this, that was resolved in Vertica 6.1.3.  However, it was specific to certain invocations of COPY LOCAL.

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    Hi Adam,
    yes, we're using COPY from LOCAL.

    About the firewall/load-balancer thingy I cannot really say - the operation guys are already on vacation ... 

    I'll talk to them and propose an update to vers. 6.1.3.

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    Hi Adam,
    just came into my mind. When you're talking about version 6.1.3, do you mean the server or the client (vsql) version or both?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Nebojsa,

    Good question/point.  In this case, I mean the server version.

    Let us know if you're able to sort this out!

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