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Dear all, I am new to Vertica. I am using ODBC in perl to connect to vertica database. I am trying to run a complex select query using DBD::ODBC. The query yields few records and exits randomly after fetching few records. Below is the error which is being thrown DBD::ODBC::st fetch failed: [unixODBC][Vertica][VerticaDSII] (20) An error occurred during query execution: (SQL-HY000) at fetchData.pl line 139. [/color] Please help me in resolving this. Thanks in advance


  • Hello There Amelia,

    I wanted to download Vertica for my windows 7.  I first downloaded the Community Edition 64 bits and it did not connect with ODBC (do not have the server name).  So Paul Chiara (from vertica Support) that this is not for the laptop version, I need Virtual machine to install.  Now my question is then is there any way I can download Vertica software and practice it?  if so, would you like to help me where exactly I have download from my.vertica.com?


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