dbadmin password

Hi gays,

I'm using the VM in the aim to bench this solution, but i'm blocked, i did not have the passowrd for the user : dbadmin.

can you help me please.



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    It was asked 1000 times.
    Why do not try search before posting question?

    10 secs for looking in documentation and...:
    HP Vertica Virtual Analytics Platform

    To log into the virtual machine:

    The first time you boot the virtual machine you are automatically logged in and a web page displays further instructions. To log back into the virtual machine, use the following username and password:

    • Username: dbadmin
    • Password: password
    • Root Password: password
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    I did it !!!!! but i understood my mistake, i'm using AZERTY keybord, and when a tape PASSWORD i'll get PQSSWORD. :)

    thank you  :)

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