License upgrade not working

We recently purchased an additional 1Tb license to add to the 1Tb we already have. I have followed the instructions for upgrading the license via adminTools, and for all intents and purposes, it appears to work. I enter the path, accept the EULA, I'm told the upgrade was successful, but when I run a compliance status, the license still appears to be 1Tb.


Raw Data Size: 0.71TB +/- 0.04TB/n License Size : 1.00TB/n Utilization  : 71%/n Audit Time   : 2013-12-02 00:03:33.561242+00/n Compliance Status : The database is in compliance with respect to raw data size./n/n No expiration date for a Perpetual license

I am also using the compliance status function because display license throws an error. This makes me wonder whether there is some other sort of issue I can't pin down.



We also can't access our monitoring server. It's a VM which shows nothing but a black screen. Again, I'm wondering if this is part of the issue, although I didn't expect the license upgrade to be dependent upon the monitoring server being up.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.




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    Hi Ben,

    Licenses are not additive; you can only have one installed at once.  It sounds like you have just exchanged one 1TB license for a different 1TB license.  If you want 2TB, you need a single 2TB license.

    If you had previously bought a 1TB Enterprise Edition license and you just bought a second one, you can talk with our sales team about combining the two licenses.  I'm certain they can sort something out for you.

    If you're referring to the 1TB that's provided with the Community Edition -- Enterprise licenses come with a bunch of stuff (most importantly, technical support) that CE licenses do not.  It wouldn't make sense for us to support half of your cluster's data and not the other half (drawing a clean line there for every different installation would be very difficult and frustrating); for that reason, you can't stack CE and EE licenses.

    If you have questions about the details of how licensing works, our sales team should be happy to work those out with you.

    The error on DISPLAY_LICENSE() is worrying.  Without knowing the details of the error, I'm not sure what's going on there.  Fortunately, you have purchased a license, so should be able to access our technical support :-)  I'd encourage you to log into my.vertica.com and file a case about this issue.  You can post details there that might not be appropriate to post in a public forum.  And we guarantee that we'll respond to issues there; forum support is best-effort.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "monitoring server"?  Vertica has a Management Console package; it can be installed on a separate server or VM; but its interface is Web-based, so you would get at it via a Web browser rather than the server's console.  Regardless, you're right that it shouldn't affect license upgrades.


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    Hi Adam

    Thanks for the speedy and detailed response. I'll follow the actions through in order, starting with the 2Tb license. As far as I am aware, we originally purchased the Enterprise license for the first 1Tb.

    And yes, I meant Management Console, I couldn't think of the words at the time, and as the VM shows nothing but a black screen, there was nothing to refer to.


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