How can I script the running of the 'Database Designer'

From a shell script, or vsql, I want to automate the running of the 'Database Designer', so that when I create or significantly update, a schema I can run this tool, without the need for a person to use the GUI.

How is this achieved? Is there any documentation (my searches haven't produced any)?

Help appreciated,



  • >> Is there any documentation

    1. Try to download Vertica version 4, there are python script that allows you to run DBD.

    2. You can monitor DBD queries/statements when DBD run and so to understand the process

    3. It's wasn't me who posted this (do conclusions by yourself):

  • Daniel's answer is correct for currently-released versions of Vertica (though 6.x).

    We have just announced a new version of Vertica, Vertica 7.  We're in the process of releasing it.  I would encourage you to look through its documentation once it becomes available; it's a big new release with some major new features.
  • >> We have just announced a new version of Vertica, Vertica 7
    And Vertica 8 and above will be a best database in the world.

    I don't believe that any customer will migrate to Vertica 7 right after it will be able to download. Major changes? So it require heavy tests before any usage.

  • Oh, clearly Vertica 6 is already the best database in the world :-)

    No, seriously, you're right.  No database is perfect; also, no database will be adopted immediately.  Some people will upgrade right away; others will take months or years.

    We are not supposed to discuss specific/detailed functionality that's present in the new version until it's fully released or publicly announced.  Maybe we'll decide to not ship something at the last minute, etc.  So I often can't explicitly say "this will [or won't] be available in Vertica 7."

    However, if a particular bit of functionality that I needed out of a product were about to become available, I (as a developer myself) would want to know about it.  Maybe I wouldn't wait for it; maybe I would; but at least I'd know, and could plan accordingly.  And we just got a wave of relevant questions prior to 7.0's release; I would be sad if all of these people went off and built something cool/valuable only to realize that it no longer worked in the future (or was no longer as useful, etc).
  • If we started some personal conversation, would you mind take a look on this? (it will be active for a day).

    Thanks in any way.
  • Interesting -- sorry, didn't get to it within a day...  (Glad to help in general, but I try to prioritize answering forum posts that probably affect multiple people.  And writing code :-) )

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