MC invalid license error?


I am getting license error when I try to create my first new database. as I am using community version, so I think licensing should not be a issue.

any help is great.



  • Hi Jay,

    Could you be more specific about exactly what you're seeing?  The exact page and text, or a screen shot, would be great.

    The MC itself doesn't require a license; the license would be for your Vertica cluster.  If you're installing a new Vertica cluster through the CE, you shouldn't need to provide a license file for a CE install.  (The CE does need a license file but we bundle it and should automatically use the CE license if you don't specify anything else.)

  • Hello:

    even though image size is less than 36KB it says that "Sorry! We were unable to upload your image.  ".

    So I am writing error message below.

    " Database did not start cleanly on initiator node! Stopping all nodes because the database XYZ reports an INVALID LICENSE"

    Vertica is installed on single node\standalone.

  • Hi Jay,

    Hm...  By any chance are you using the Community-Edition VM?

    There is an issue with the licensing on that VM, as discussed here:

    An updated VM will be posted soon.  In the meantime, that thread describes a workaround.

    If you're not using one of our VM's, it would be helpful to know what is invalid about the license file.  (Is it not finding the file?  Does it think the license is expired for some reason?  etc.)  Could you check to see if there are any relevant log messages in "vertica.log"?  (That file is in the catalog directory, which you would have specified during installation.)


  • Hello Adam:

    I am not using Community-Edition VM. I have installed Vertica in my RHEL 6.1
    I don't see vertica.log file under log folder. below are the files I have.

    adminTools-dbadmin.log  agent_dbadmin.log  agentStdMsg.log
    adminTools-root.log     agent.log          hashlib-20081119-py2.7-linux-x86_64.egg-tmp
    agent_dbadmin.err          installTools-root.log


  • Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the reply.

    vertica.log is in the catalog directory, not the log directory, per my previous post  If you could take another look, I'd be quite curious to see if there's anything interesting there.

    The log can be very verbose; you may have to look around in it.

    Incidentally, if this is a new installation, you could try again with Vertica 7, which was just posted to the "Downloads" page.  (You would need to install the new MC as well.)  Vertica's installer has seen some major changes and many bugfixes; it might be that this process works better for you using the new version.


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