Unable to download the 32 bit Vertica Client Driver

Unable to complete the download for Windows 32 Bit Drivers. It continuously asks me to complete my profile which I have done. No obvious issues with any information submitted to the fields and no error indicating any problem with values entered.


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    I am having the exact same issue. I tried it in both chrome and IE and popups disabled but still same issue. 
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    Hi Tom and Srujana,

    Could you clarify the issue that you are encountering?  Specifically, what's the URL of the page where you're seeing this issue, what precisely are you clicking on, etc.

    Unfortunately, our main download site (at http://my.vertica.com/) does not list client drivers right at the moment.  This is a temporary issue; we're in the process of uploading new versions of the software.  (Apologies for the inconvenience.  There's more information and discussion on other forum threads if you're interested.  You shouldn't be seeing a problem with filling out a profile, though; you should be seeing a page with text briefly describing the situation.)

    The new Vertica Marketplace (http://vertica.com/marketplace) does currently offer downloads.  I was just able to create a new account and download the Windows 32 Bit drivers without any trouble.  I'm using Chrome, though any browser should work.  The process did not involve any pop-ups.

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    Hi Adam,

    I was able to download the Client from the Marketplace here http://vertica.com/marketplace .  I would expect some links or guidance to download the client from somewhere else.  The page mentions only 7.0 which I don't care about since we have 6.1 in our environment.  When I search for Drivers, I go to a page which also loops.

    Thank you for the reference to the Marketplace.  This is a bad customer experience and a poorly thought out migration.  I am just surprised more people are not complaining.

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    I'm stuck with the same problem, our server runs on 6.1, i urgently need 6.1 drivers to connect and its not available! where are they ?? 

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    Any solution for that.
    I'm trying to download the ODBC Driver for 6.1 for Windows - same issue.
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    HI Adam,
    I keep getting this message when i try to click on "Update Profile/Download" from the below link. 
    Not sure what information is missing there as i see all the information has been updated. Please let me know where i could download windows 64bit ODBC drivers for Vertica 7.0.1-2. I have been trying to get these drivers from today morning and no luck yet. No proper response from support and No information on the drivers availability.


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