best practices copy-cluster multi-node

I have a multi-node cluster with 3 nodes, I'd like to execute a copy-cluster to a new cluster with same topology (as said in copy-cluster requirements).
What are the best practices to perform this action?
There are critical issues that must be evaluated first?



  • Hi Pietro

    You can use the utility to copy the entire database to another HP Vertica cluster. This feature makes it easy to perform tasks such as copying a database between a development and a production environment. Copying your database to another cluster is essentially a simultaneous backup and restore — the data is backed up from the source database cluster and restored to the destination cluster in a single operation.

    The directory locations for the HP Vertica catalog , data, and temp directories must be identical on the source and target database.

    Best practices to perform this includes:

    Configure the target to allow the source database to connect to it and restore the database. The target cluster must:

    • Have the same number of nodes the source cluster.
    • Have a database with the same name as the source database. The target database can be completely empty.
    • Have the same node names as the source cluster. The nodes names listed in the nodes system tables on both clusters must match.
    • Be accessible from the source cluster. You may need to add the host names of the target cluster to the hosts file of the source cluster. 
    • Have the same database administrator account, and all nodes must allow a database administrator of the source cluster to login through SSH without a password.
    • Have adequate disk space for the --task copycluster command to complete.
    • You must use a full database backup.
    • The target cluster must be stopped before you invoke copycluster.

    Kindly go through the below documented Vertica doc. for detailed info on this.

    Administrator's Guide > Backing Up and Restoring the Database > Copying the Database to Another Cluster

    Link for the same:


    Rahul Choudhary

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