Vertica CE 6.1 download(s)?

I have CE version v6.0.1-0 installed (yes, old).

It appears I need some flavor of 6.1 installed before I can upgrade to CE v7.0.0.

I can't find the v6.1 downloads.  Do I need to step through each of the 6.1.x versions or can I go from v6.0.1-0 to the latest 6.1 then on to 7.0.0?

It was also not clear when reading the Install/Upgrade that if I set the -failure_threshold to FAIL the install will be successful on Fedora 18 (it appears as the install will be successful but want to make sure).  And yes, I understand that Fedora is not supported.




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    Hi Kathy,

    The 6.0 CE did not officially support upgrades.  The CE license did not allow them at that time, and the structure of our original CE packages was not very amenable to upgrades.

    The official recommended process was to export your schema and write your data to files, then re-import into a newer database.

    All newer (6.1+) CE's do allow upgrading as you describe.  Officially, you must go through each version.  (So if you're using the CE, you should track recent versions as they're released.  Enterprise customers have access to historic downloads.)

    Unofficially, you can always try to skip versions, install anyway, etc.  Often it will work.  Occasionally it will fail in dramatic fashion :-)

    It is probably possible to install with Fedora 18 as you describe.  However, Fedora has a much newer userspace than most of our supported platforms.  In the past, even given a successful installation, Vertica did not run properly on the then-latest version of Fedora.

    I don't know of anyone having tried Vertica 7 on Fedora 18 yet.  Vertica 7 has seen some significant updates in this regard (as part of the work to add support for Ubuntu) so it might work.

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    So it sounds like if I want to "upgrade" just export the schema (and since I am still learning Vertica, no idea how hard that is yet) - but the schema is pretty simple at this point, and then I can install 7.0 and skip the 6.1.x versions? (will 7.0 read a 6.0 export?)  (Is there a deinstall for 6.0?)

    6.0 did okay on Fedora 18 (ie, installed and didn't see any issues but the DB is fairly small and simple; single node POC).

    Might then give the above a whirl and see where it goes.  Or at least wait until most of the POC is finished so I don't completely loose the data.

    The Ubuntu in a VM is in the other room :)

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