need 6.1 drivers, download links do not work

My company uses vertica 6.1 and I need to install drivers for windows. When I search on myVertica it lists this page: HP Vertica Enterprise Edition Software Downloads 6.1.x https://my.vertica.com/hp-vertica-enterprise-edition-software-downloads-6-1-x/ but that link does not work. I also see links under: Download HP Vertica 6.1SP3 (6.1.3) Client Packages but selecting these takes me to https://my.vertica.com/hp-vertica-software-license-agreement/ and then to https://my.vertica.com/hp-vertica-download-confirmation/ but clicking on the "Update Profile/Proceed to Download" button just stays on the same page and no download ever happens. I have tried using Firefox and IE.


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    Hi Mark,

    What account are you logging in with?

    It sounds like you're using a CE account.  (Or possibly not logging in at all?)  Those links should work if you have logged in with an EE account.

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    Probably CE, though I am logged in. I just created the account so I could try to download drivers. I can dowload 7.0 but those drivers won't connect to our vertica server. If I need to find out EE account details I can try and ask, I really just need to get a hold of 6.1 window odbc/jdbc drivers so I can connect to our server.

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    I am currently having the exact same issue. I'm signed in, can download Vertica 7.0 with ease, but for the 6.1 version it brings me to a page where I can "Update Profile/Proceed to Download", but it basically just keeps refreshing the page.

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem?


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    I have the exact same issue, I need ODBC 32 bit for Windows for Vertica 6.1
    Anyone solved this download problem ?
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    Same Issue here
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    Hi ,

    This issue has been resolved.



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