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concurrent sessions (check active or inactive)

How to check if a session is active or not ?

I'm new to vertica and I'm using this sql statement, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right ?
any suggestion or sample query ?

select  count(*) from sessions where transaction_id > 0  => for active sessions 

select  count(*) from sessions where transaction_id <= 0  or current_statement ='  '
=> for active sessions 



  • In query_profiles table there is a flag is_executing, which can be used for running transaction quries.

    select session_id,transaction_id,query from query_profiles where transaction_id in(select transaction_id from sessions)and is_executing='t'


  • Hi!

    Table SESSIONS must be enough.


    The currently executing statement, if any. NULL indicates that no statement is currently being processed.


    NULL if the user has just logged in; otherwise the currently running statement or the most recently completed statement.

    PS: It's so hard to read documentation :(

  • Terrible formatting (exactly - terrible and not horrible).

    GetSatisfaction - die!

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