Installing Community Edition on Debian - non-AMD architecture?

I downloaded the installer for the Community Edition from the Marketplace. When I run the installer I get informed "Error: Wrong Architecture 'amd64'.
The package downloaded is: 'vertica_6.1.2-0_amd64.deb'.
I am installing in to a VMWare Workstation 9 VM running Debian 7.3.0-i386
The VM machine is an Intel Core I5-3320M CPU, 32bit OS.

Is there an appropriate installer for Vertica Community Edition available?
On the Marketplace, do the architectures for the servers get listed? Because I can't see where they are specified.




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    Hi Neil,

    Vertica requires 64-bit Linux.  (We need the larger memory address space.)  Debian calls 64-bit "amd64", because the instruction set was first released by AMD.  Though this is a bit misleading as it is supported by all modern Intel processors as well (including yours).

    Fortunately, VMware Workstation can run 64-bit guests on 32-bit hosts, as long as the underlying CPU supports it.  So you can download the Debian "amd64" installer and VMware should let you use it to create a new Vertica-compatible VM.

    You will also need to use Debian 6 -- we don't, officially at least, support Debian 7 currently.

    If you want something newer and Debian-like, we do support Ubuntu Server.  (Again, 64-bit only.)

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    Thanks for the info. Did as you suggest, now working great.
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    Adam - any idea when Debian 7 will be officially supported? When I try to install on my debian-amd64, the script returns a boilerplate error message; I think it is not able to access some config files from /etc or so. I am creating a separate question on this.
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    Unfortunately, no, I'm not sure -- but I'm not really the person to ask.

    You might try posting an Idea requesting Debian 7 support.  That'll be reviewed by people who actually think about the road map.

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