3 node-cluster k-safety 2 backup

I would like to know if the following scenario could work.

I have 3 nodes with Vertica, I want to build a backup policy which could restore the entire cluster even if 2 nodes die ( I mean phisically, with the respective snapshot files). 

To achieve this result I am planning the following configuration:
The backup configuration makes on each node a local backup of its content PLUS the content of another node. I am assuming that every object in Vertica is with k-safety 1 and so with buddy projections. The aim is to build a "k-safety 2 backup" : if 2 node fails I can still restore my data.
So for example:

NODE 1 backup:
node 1 ' s data
node 2 ' s data

NODE 2 backup:
node 2 ' s data
node 3 ' s data

NODE 3 backup:
node 3 ' s data
node 1 ' s data

by using this configuration, is it possible with a restore based only on the files on a single node to restore the database ? So for example, I have only node 1 data, is it possible to restore the database?


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