Export to RFC compliant CSV

I think that Vertica can import RFC-4180 compliant CSV files, maybe with the help of a user defined function.

problem is that I want to export RFC compliant CSV files out of Vertica for import to another database (Postgres, which claims to be able to read RFC CSV).

I have text fields which may contain tabs, new lines, commas, quotes, etc. All the characters that might normally be used as record or field separators

I have managed to export to another Vertica instance by setting the separators to unusual values (see https://community.vertica.com/vertica/topics/how_to_dump_data_to_native_file_format?topic-reply-list...) but this won't work for databases that cannot override those separators.

Does this feature exist natively in Vertica?

If not then does anyone have any experience doing so with external tools?


  • I am also would be very interested in ability to export RFC compliant CSV; or, at least, in having some extra options to facilitate it. Otherwise, lots of time gets wasted in building hacks on the top of vsql for every specific situation.

    A very useful option in this respect would be such that would enclose only character fields into double quotes (") and would replace every double quote encountered within character fields with a double-double quote ("").

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