Best Practice when Informatica and HP Vertica are on different networks

This best practice concerns communication with an HP Vertica cluster from Informatica when Informatica and HP Vertica are on separate networks.  If Informatica and HP Vertica are on the same network, you do not need to implement the changes described here.

If Informatica and HP Vertica are on separate networks:

  • Set up a public network for import/export and specify an export address for your individual nodes.  See Using Public and Private IP Networks in the Administrator's Guide, specifically the section, Identify the Database or Node Used for Import/Export.  See also ALTER DATABASE and ALTER NODE in the SQL Reference manual for subnet and node-related tasks.
  • The HP Vertica plug-in for Informatica accesses the EXPORT_ADDRESS column of the V_Catalog schema.  (For information on viewing the EXPORT_ADDRESS column, see the SQL Reference manual, specifically the section NODES in the V-Catalog Schema.)
Once the public network is set-up properly, and an export address is assigned to each node, Informatica can then read and write to an HP Vertica cluster on a different network.

Important: If you are using the HP Vertica plug-in for Informatica on HP Vertica Release 6.x, the Informatica user must have the PSEUDOSUPERUSER role to access the export addresses on the different network.  For general information on the PSEUDOSUPERUSER role, see the Administrator’s Guide, PSUEDOSUPERUSER Role. If you are using HP Vertica Release 7.0 or later, the Informatica user does not need the PSEUDOSUPERUSER role.

See the manual, HP Vertica Plug-in for Informatica, for more information on the plug-in. 

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