When I use --dba-user-password-disabled, I cannot get the dbadmin password. "password", "dbadmin" an

I want to create dbadmin without password, so I use --dba-user-password-disabled.
When I use --dba-user-password-disabled, I cannot get the dbadmin password. I have tried "password", "dbadmin" or no password,  but I cannot log in as dbadmin.
My installation command is:
/opt/vertica/sbin/install_vertica --hosts --rpm /root/vertica-7.0.0-1.x86_64.RHEL5.rpm --dba-user dbadmin --dba-user-password-disabled --ssh-password developer --failure-threshold NONE


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    "--dba-user-password-disabled"  disables the password for the --dba-user. This argument stops the installer from prompting for a password for the --dba-user. You can assign a password later using standard user management tools such as passwd.<BR /> <BR /> The install_vertica script creates user dbadmin for the database. Was installation completed successfully ?<BR /> Post installation, While creating the database, it would ask if you want to provide a password to connect to database.<BR /> Have you created the database. If yes, are you not able to connect to database.
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    I need vertica to create new DBA user without password. It is my requirement. So I use --dba-user-password-disabled. But indeed, vertica also generates one password for new DBA user when I use --dba-user-password-disabled and I don't know the exact value. It is not "password", "dbadmin" or no password. So I cannot log in system as DBA user.

    My process is:
    1. I executed install_vertica script as root.  The installation was completed successfully and new dbadmin user was created.
    2. Then I logged in as dbadmin, but I cannot log in successfully. Because I must input password. I tried "dbadmin", "password" or no password. All are wrong. I don't know what is the password for dbadmin in my case.

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    How to let install_vertica script create new DBA user without password?
    My requirement is to let new DBA user has no password. I suppose using --dba-user-password-disabled can do it. But in fact, I still need input password and I even don't know what the password value.
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    I mean I cannot log in system when I use --dba-user-password-disabled to install vertica.

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