Querying Vertica using PHP PDO PostgreSQL, is it possible?


I'm on FreeBSD with PHP. As I mentioned in this topic - https://community.vertica.com/vertica/topics/odbc_driver_for_freebsd I was unable to find solution to use Vertica ODBC driver with FreeBSD. So, now I'm looking for another ways to query Vertica from PHP.

In this stackoverflow topic http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13327948/connecting-to-a-vertica-db-with-php/13394911#13394911 @deadrunk told that it is possible to use Postgres client libs to connect Vertica.

I've tried using pgsql for PDO. Connection is ok, but querying seems to be faild with no errors. Do anybody know any information about how to do it properly? Here is the piece of code I was using:
$PDO = new \PDO('pgsql:dbname=mydb;host=myhost;port=5433', 'dbadmin', 'test');  $sth = $PDO->prepare('SELECT table_name FROM tables');  $sth->execute();  $result = $sth->fetch(\PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);  print_r($result);
Result contains nothing.
PS: I'm very sorry, I'm pretty new to Vertica.

Thank you!


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