Support Python 3!

It's been out for years, and our work depends on a Vertica driver for it. This is a deal-breaker. I've read posts about how it might work, but that's weak.


  • I have 0 problems using ODBC driver for Vertica on Python 3.   What kind of problems are you having?
  • Hi Jim. Thank you for letting me know.

    I haven't yet gotten to the point of testing it. I'm still getting ODBC and Linux to play together, then I'll test ODBC with Vertica (via isql - I'm new to this), then test Python 3 against it. The reason I submitted this idea (it really should be a formal request, but I haven't found where to make one of those) is to make the support tested and official.

  • There is not much to be concerned with.   good luck with your efforts.  Lots of good web info on ODBC and Linux.

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