How to backup a database to restore to another server?


I have a 3 node cluster i want to backup from cluster and restore to a single node installation. what is the steps for this? vbr.py script can be used? 



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    The cluster to which you are restoring the backup should have the same number of nodes as the one used to create the snapshot. The node names and the IP addresses must also be identical.

    For more info pleasefollow doc at below link:

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    Below are some of the pre-requisites before performing the backup & restore using vbr.py utility from one cluster to another one. 

    Configure the target to allow the source database to connect to it and restore the database. The target cluster must:

    • Have the same number of nodes the source cluster.
    • Have a database with the same name as the source database. The target database can be completely empty.
    • Have the same node names as the source cluster. The nodes names listed in the nodes system tables on both clusters must match.
    • Be accessible from the source cluster. You may need to add the hostnames of the target cluster to the hosts file of the source cluster.
    • Have the same database administrator account, and all nodes must allow a database administrator of the source cluster to login through SSH without a password.
    Kindly go through below documented link for detailed info on this.


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    i want to restore to single node vertica server not same number of nodes.
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    You cannot currently restore to a different number of nodes. 
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