How to download Vertica 6.x.x client

I am able to successfully download the most recent client software from the Downloads page. However, I need an older version of the client. Searching brings me to https://my.vertica.com/?s=vertica+6+client&search-submit=Search from which I click on the link for the Linux 64-bit client package. I'm asked to agree to terms, and then a "Download Confirmation" page appears asking me to update my account info... After updating the info I click "Update profile/proceed to download" and am redirected to the exact same page.


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    Prasanta_PalPrasanta_Pal - Select Field - Employee
    Go to

    and select the required version from there to download

    If I click the link which you gave does not show up any results

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    HP Vertica Marketplace >> Community edition

    If there are no old clients (6.X.X), so download server (70-80MB, not a big deal) and extract client from server instance.
    Also if you have server, so you can extract client from server.

    About redirection: changing password solved issue to me

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    there are no server available for windows platform for vertica 6.1.3 edition
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    Hi Pushpesh,

    Vertica Server only runs on Linux.

    http://my.vertica.com/ now contains Vertica 6 ADO.NET (Windows) client drivers.  Our JDBC drivers are cross-platform, including Windows.  So you can connect to your Vertica server from Windows, but the server itself currently must run Linux.

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    The ODBC drivers (Windows) for vertica 6  are no longer available at http://vertica.com/marketplace. Please provide the current link to download those.
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    Those drivers are no longer availble at https://my.vertica.com/download-community-edition/#61xdrivers


    Please send us the updated link to download the windows driver for vertica 6.1.

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    Was anyone able to find Vertica 6.x.x client. I have a 64 bit Windows desktop. I need vertica odbc 6.x.x to be added to the ODBC data source manager in order to communicate with tableau server. I am not able to download it from the vertica marketplace since I have a community account. Any help would be much appreciated.




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    +1  Would be useful to get the Vertica 6 client driver to access an existing DB instance.

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    Does anyone know where a copy of the Vertica 6.01.03 client can be obtained?  I need to install this version on a new PC of mine and have been unable to locate it anywhere.  From what I can tell this driver has been MIA for all of 2015. 

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    Great question.  Having searched with the same goal, I believe that Vertica 6 and associated clients/drivers are no longer available on the HP site and could not find an external mirror.  We ended up migrating to Vertica 7 to bring the db and clients to same version. 

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    I did some digging and found that our version of Vertica has been upgraded to 7.1.1.


    Based on this I installed the Vetrica Client ODBC Driver ver 7.1.1....  but was unable to make a connection.   My old PC with 6.1.3 is able to make a connection with the same login information.

    I guess I will need to wait until Monday to consult with the application owners to see what is going on.


    Thanks for the reply.


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