Lookups using the Vertica Informatica plugin 7.0


Why can't I use the Vertica Informatica plugin as the source for a lookup? Is there any workaround apart from ODBC as we are dealing with large tables and ODBC inherently will be very slow.


  • Hi Nish,

    By installing and configuring the HP Vertica Informatica Plug-in, you can use HP Vertica with Informatica PowerCenter both as a source and as a target database

    Are you receiving an error when trying to perform the lookup? If so, what is the error? What version of Vertica and Informatica are you using? When did you download the Informatica Plugin from the Vertica website?

    - Mitch
  • Thanks for the reply Mitch.

    My question is about using the plugin for the Informatica lookup transformation - is that possible or still a future feature?

    FYI, we are able to use the plugin successfully for source and targets.

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