Can't find vbr.py script


I have installed vertica 6.0 .1 on redhat 6.2 few month ago. Everything works fine and it Fullfills our expectations.
But yesterday i tried to use Vertica Backups and i got a problem. I Can't find the vbr.py script. I searched everywhere on the server and i didn't find it. I checked the install log and everything was fine during the process. Do i need to reinstall Vertica or could I download the vbr.py script somewhere ?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance



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    Hi Sylvain,

    Was this 6.0 Community Edition or 6.0 Enterprise Edition?  (6.0 is an older release.  Back then the CE and EE were separate packages.  The two were unified in 6.1.x a little over a year ago.)

    The 6.0 CE did not permit backups.  You'd need the 6.1 CE or newer, or the (paid) 6.0 EE.  Alternatively, you can export your data and schema manually through vsql.

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    Hello Adam,

    It is a 6.0 community edition. I will try to upgrade to 6.1 CE or Newer

    Many thanks for your quick answer.



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