Poor jdbc query performance

I created a simple Java program that executes on the same machine as my Vertica server, opens a JDBC connection (7.0 jar) to my Vertica server (7.0), and runs the query:
Select 1 + 1
Independent of the connection time, this consistently takes 75 ms to complete. 20 ms of that time is to read the single column value result. The query_results table says that the query duration was 7 ms.

If I do the exact same experiment with a MySQL server it takes 4ms.

If I use a SQL client tool like Aqua Studio it takes 75 ms (not surprising since it also is use JDBC underneath).

If I run vsql on the Vertica server it takes 8 ms.

Is there some special configuration that I need to do when using JDBC to connect to Vertica. Because of the MySQL test result I don't believe there is a problem with my test program.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Lee Jensen


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    I face the same problem too. 
    insert 1000 records using JDBC, it took about 50 seconds. But with vsql it took about 12 seconds.
    By the way, there are about 30 columns in the table.

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