ETL vs ELT, what is the best approach ? tool ? It depends, I know !!! :-)

What is the best ELT tool for vertica ? As opposed to ETL. I have been looking around for an answer in the forums, but have not seen it. Basically, we are a Microsoft shop, but I hear anecdotal stories about SSIS being slow with vertica. People are using informatica , talend, vsql scripts, and others. We understand the answer invariably depends on the situation. We are moving towards capturing machine language in a very large scale, and with some business logic transformation necessary. The question is, do we do this transformation prior to loading the data into vertica, or afterwards, and use the ELT concept. Loading first and transforming later, makes the raw data available right away, however, we need to put processes around to transform the data afterwards. I believe we can live with SSIS for now, until proven otherwise, but what are some ELT tools that are built to transform the data once it is already in vertica ? Should we just focus on vsql scripting ? Have anyone done the pro and cons of this already ? I surely would not want to re-invent the wheel here. Thanks for any help.

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