Error reading CSV data file (Error 4368)

I am trying to load data into a newly created table. I get the following error:
ERROR 4368: Permission denied for storage location [<location name>] 
I am using Linux and the file is located in a directory that has read access to all users (733).


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    I tried loading using the dba account (dbadmin) and the loading is happening fine. So the question is why is that a non-dba user was unable to read the data file? Is it really a data file reading problem or privileges issue with the user or the schema? 
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    The issue is probably because of file system permission. 
    If you use the copy command the issue is that a user do not have access to the file system to read the file. A solution is to add a storage_location as user type where you can put your files there. 
    Hope this answer your question, 

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