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are there any query (if there is any) on how to select the lists of subnet / network interface you created 


  • Hi Patrick

    Kindly use below queries in order to check the same:

    vsql => select * from network_interfaces;

    vsql=> select * from vs_subnets;

    I hope this provides an answer to your question.


  • Hi Rahul,

    thanks a lot, i was able to query the subnet

    regarding the v_monitor.network_interfaces i was able to query it but that's not what i'm looking for, I want to query the lists of the created network interface

    before me, there was an existing network interface and accidentally while i'm creating a new network interface it prompted me network interface already exists

    something like this:

    CREATE NETWORK INTERFACE ethXX on v_Dbidev_node0006 with '';

    ROLLBACK 4043: Network Interface "copy_node1" already exists

  • Hi Patrick

    The created interfaces can be seen by the below query:

    dbadmin=> select * from vs_network_interfaces; 

  • very nice, that you copied my answers ;)
  • very nice, that you copied my answers ;)
  • thanks Got it !!!
  • My suggestion here is that 
    vs_network_interfaces should be documented for users to see. If i can create / drop a custom network interface, i should also be able to see it. ( CRUD ) 
    Also since network_interfaces table already contains all network interfaces ( eth..) i should not need to create a custom network interface. But that does not seem to be the case: 

    dbadmin=> alter node v_db_node0006 export on eth1;ROLLBACK 4045:  Network interface "eth1" does not exist

    This requires create network interface eth2 on v_db_node0002 with '10....' 

  • I am looking for some examples of how to use these new interfaces/subnets I have created also. Any advice to test these ?

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